Principal's Message

Welcome to the big family of Heung To (TKO) in the new school year!
Because of the pandemic, the traditional learning model has undergone dramatic changes. Students' learning has been transformed from traditional classrooms to online, so that students can learn at home when school is suspended. I believe this blended learning model will become the new normal for learning in the future. Online and offline learning are effectively combined to achieve synergies, maximize learning benefits, narrow learning differences, and promote self-learning.
My educational vision is to encourage our students to become leaders with a commitment to the society, and have a national concept and an international vision. The school provides different types of service-learning opportunities, allowing students to gain "learning" opportunities through "service", reflect and grow from them, and take up responsibility for our society. The national concept is based on the understanding of Chinese history and culture. Students can cultivate good character in regular courses and extended learning activities, understand and appreciate Chinese culture, and establish national concepts. The school attaches great importance to the development of students' "biliteracy and trilingualism", and life planning education and career guidance, so that based in Hong Kong, students are fully supported by our country and they are able to play their significant roles in the world. 
I am confident that our students, parents and teachers will continue to work together to create a better tomorrow!
Chung Yiu Kay
September 2022


Principal’s Interview (HKEJ 02/02/2023)