School Vision & Mission

1. Our Vision 


To offer an all-rounded education that encourages the development and growth of the students morally, academically and physically,  and strive to become an excellent  school in Hong Kong.


Morality - Students’  ideological and moral character, sense of commitment to the community and patriotic sentiment

Intelligence  -  students' academic performance, logical and analytical skills.


Physique -  students' physical health and aesthetic ability.


Excellence -  Reaching the middle  and upper level in Hong Kong in terms of school management, teachers’ qualifications, teaching quality, school culture, campus  environment and equipment, and becoming a school that is widely recognized  by parents and the community.


2. Our Mission

Students -  To cultivate students' positive attitude towards life and patriotic sentiment, so that they have the ability of independent thinking, innovation and the spirit of serving the public.

Teachers -  To build a team of professional teachers with a common educational ideal, a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for education.


Parents -  To strengthen communication with parents to gain their trust and support.


Community -  To build good relationships with people in the community  and make a contribution  to our society