General Information

School Profile


Supervisor: Mr. Ip Yin Ping 
Principal: Mr. Chung Yiu Kay 
School Type: Direct Subsidy Scheme School
Gender: Co-ed
Sponsoring Body: Heung To Education Organisation Limited
Year Established:  2003
Vision and Mission:
  1. To establish an excellent school with rigorous teaching and simple school spirit. 
  2. To provide students with a diverse learning environment, so that they can develop in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects, and become young people who love the country and Hong Kong, and are excellent in both character and learning.
language policy:
  1. With a flexible language policy, there are English classes and Chinese classes and students are able to learn in a happy environment.​​
  2. NET teachers are responsible  for small class teaching.
Students'Union: Yes
Parent and Teacher Association: Yes
Alumni Association: Yes


School Features:


Learning and Teaching Strategies

The school focuses on teaching and learning, and the teachers have rich teaching experience and good teaching attitude. Teachers in the same department  prepare lessons collectively, observe lessons to learn from each other, invite professionals to provide suggestions on school-based courses, and develop sound evaluation policies and systems.  Teachers also actively cultivate students' interest in learning, inspire and motivate them, and ultimately enable them to learn effectively in different domains.


Life-wide Learning


  1. Strengthen moral education  for students through theme activities.​​
  2. Realize  students' potential and cater for their different learning needs.​​
  3. Students organizing on-campus activities to improve their leadership skills.
  4. Activities include leadership training, cultural activities, sports activities, art activities, exchange programmes and community service, etc.


School-wide Engagement in Caring for Diverse Needs of Students


The school implements the "Six-Self" themed education according to the developmental stages of students. The junior forms implement "self-discipline, self-learning and self-esteem", and the senior forms implement the themed education activities of "challenge oneself, contribute oneself, and surpass oneself" to gradually help students' growth. In addition,  a special group is set up to follow up and evaluate the different learning needs of students, and the remedial and enhancement measures are implemented in teaching. The school cooperates with professional institutions to provide students with psychological counseling and assessment services to help them deal with parent-child relationship, academic pressure and peer conflicts, so as to comprehensively and effectively improve their  psychological quality.


Career Planning Education

The career planning education of our school is student-oriented, and themed activities are organized according to the characteristics of students' growth to train their ability of continuous and life-long learning, so as to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for future work, and ultimately realize their potential and build self-confidence , and actively set the goals for their life.

Home-school Cooperation


In order to strengthen the connection and the communication between parents, teachers and schools, promote the cooperation between parents and schools, and jointly promote the healthy development of students in academic, physical and mental aspects, the school has established a Parent-Teacher Association, which holds regular meetings and activities. In addition, in order to realize the potential of parents, the school provides parents with resources to jointly promote school affairs.