Chairperson's Message

Dear Parents,

I am Ms Lau, Chairperson of the 9th Heung To Secondary School (TKO) Parent-Teacher Association. I believe that we are all working hard to fight against the epidemic and I hope it will pass soon. Our kids are about to go back to school. However, we can't slack off now, we should do a good job in epidemic prevention and protect ourselves and those around us.

I sincerely welcome those Secondary 1 students and their parents to join our big family at HTSS (TKO)! You have to relax and embrace the new things and environment. I believe that you will soon be able to feel the enthusiasm of our teachers. Secondary 6 students, we are all showing our great support and   wishing you the best in your final year at HTSS (TKO).

In addition, I hope all parents understand the importance of home-school cooperation and devote themselves to the work of the Parent-Teacher Association, and participate in various school activities.
Finally, I wish you all the best and stay healthy!

  Yours faithfully,
Ms Lau
Chairperson of the 9th Parent-Teacher Association
Heung To Secondary School (TKO)