Arts and Physical Education

Arts and physical education cultivates students' interest and appreciation of arts and physical activities, thereby establishing a healthy lifestyle.


Visual Arts

A. Course objectives:


  1. To enrich students’ perceptual abilities, with special emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience;
  2. Through the application of visual language, students are encouraged to use a variety of visual arts forms and materials to make their own artistic production;
  3. To enhance students’ aesthetic understanding and sensitivity in judgment;
  4. To learn making informed judgements regarding the significance and value of the visual arts;
  5. To enable students to acquire basic knowledge of visual arts which provides opportunities for further study.


B. Course features



  1. A school-based curriculum for the coherent development in the Visual Arts curriculum for junior form students;
  2. To encourage students to keep record of their ideas and related materials for reference;
  3. To cater for learning diversity, a variety of teaching and learning strategies, such as life-wide learning and collaborative learning are adopted. 


C. Group activities 



  1. Art Society and creative workshops;
  2. Encourage students to join competitions
  3. Organize on-campus art activities



physical Education

A. Course objectives:


  1. To acquire the skills of different physical activities;
  2. To learn the safety rules of different physical activities;
  3. To develop an interest in physical activities;
  4. To cultivate positive values and develop a healthy lifestyle.


B. Course feature

Physical fitness test, sports skills test  and written test are arranged in every school term



C PE Society

The school has set up a PE Society which aims to provide opportunities for students to organize sports competitions and promote self-directed learning.

Through planning and organizing activities, students’ organizational and leadership skills can be enhanced.


Three-point shooter


D. Other activities


Sports Day


Golf Experience


 Adventure Activities


Curling Experience



A. Course objectives: 


  1. To nurture students’ artistic sensitivity and cultural understanding;
  2. To encourage students to construct knowledge in music;
  3. To strengthen imagination, sense of music and ability to perform;
  4. To enhance students' interest in music and cultivate positive values and attitudes;
  5. To pursue a life-long interest in and the valuing of music 


B. Course features:


  1. A school-based curriculum for the coherent development in the Music curriculum  for junior form students;
  2. Achieving the four Learning Targets, ie. Developing Creativity and Imagination, Developing Music Skills and Processes, Cultivating Critical Responses in Music and Understanding Music in context, through integrated activities of creating, performing (singing and instrumental playing) and listening;
  3. Understand Chinese culture, cultivate national awareness and enhance national identity.


C.  Group activities:


  1. Instrumental classes and choirs 
  2. Regular music sharing sessions given by professionals
  3. Attending concerts 
  4. Regular lunchtime concerts and singing contest
  5. Encourage students to participate in music competitions, including inter-school music festivals and joint school music competitions.
Performance in Community


Music Competitions


Other music activities