School-based English Curriculum

School-based English Curriculum



English Language School-based curriculum has been adopted. Various booklets have been developed over the years, from elective modules in the senior forms to speaking skill for the whole school, from summer assignments to remedial and enhancement courses. In recent years, the focus has been shifted to empowering the reading competency of the students in the junior forms. A school-based curriculum with the use of class readers, online reading platform, daily reading texts has been designed to raise students’ interests in learning English, foster learners’ confidence and build a solid foundation.


Background and Rationale

It is our belief that language proficiency can be enhanced by the mastery of reading skills and an interest in reading. Our school-based curriculum aims to raise students’ reading competency and interests through more exposure to classic fictions. Teaching pedagogy is adapted to cater for learners’ needs and characteristics. Since one textbook cannot fit all, tailor-made materials are devised to cater for learner diversity.



Language competency, like prose reading, vocabulary building, sentence writing and listening skills, is targeted.

Reading skills are strengthened explicitly.

Extensive reading is promoted to cultivate a love of reading.



Intensive Reading: Class Readers (supplemented by tailor-made learning materials)
Extensive Reading: Daily Reading texts, Online Reading Platform and Library books



Writing Task
Role-play, Prose Reading and Presentation
Comprehension Reader Quiz
Vocabulary and Grammar Test