Gifted Education

Aims and Missions 


The school has always been committed to creating opportunities for students to gain a successful experience,  a sense of achievement  and an interest in learning in the process of learning. We believe that every  student is unique  ​​and has potential. Through a diverse and coherent gifted education curriculum, including specialized subjects, arts, physical education, creative thinking and interpersonal relationships,  students are able to explore their talents in a systematic way. 


The three-tier structure model of the gifted education 


A. School-based curriculum


Teaching strategies are used  to develop students' creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. Students are grouped in learning activities according to their abilities in order to enrich and extend the content of different learning areas, and enhance their interest in learning.


Collaborative learning caters to different educational needs of students 


B. School-based pull-out programmes 


Students with higher ability are provided with disciplinary or interdisciplinary pull-out programs, such as extra-curricular enrichment courses and competitions, STEM courses and competitions, sports training and other special courses for various subjects.


Students giving instructions to AI robots 

KOL Dim Dim teaching students KOL expressions and filming tips 

Students meticulously creating and shooting their own films

Preparing for recording creative video dubbing.

Students learning how to edit videos and create special effects

C. Out-of-school  courses 

The Gifted Education Team  of the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education commissioned some  tertiary institutions and other educational institutions/groups to provide students with  challenging courses or programmes, such as summer camps and leadership training, out-of-school musical theatre training and performances and mentorship programs.

Students with outstanding academic performance are subsidized to  participate in the Young Talent Academy Programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong


Students testing  the experiment results