Technology Education

Technology education nurtures students to develop technology capabilities, technology understanding and technology awareness.


Information Technology

A. Course objectives:


  1. To provide students with the concepts and applications of information, communication and computer system;
  2. To develop students’ potentials of information, communication and computer system;
  3. To provide opportunities for students to solve daily life problems by using ICT;
  4. To nurture students’ positive values and attitudes towards ICT.

B. Course features:

To nurture students’ creativity, logical thinking and problem solving skill through Maker Education;
Use the award-winning works as teaching materials so that students can benefit from it;
To apply IT skills to learning across other Key Learning Areas.







企業 會計與財務概論

A. Course objectives 


  1. To equip students with basic business knowledge and skills to prepare them for life, study and employment in the future;
  2. To help students acquire concepts and attitude of prudent financial management;
  3. To cultivate students' positive values ​​and attitudes, so that they can play their roles in society as consumers, investors, employees or entrepreneurs in the future.


B. Course features


  1. To improve students' ability to answer questions and analyze test questions, which leads to  better public exam results in the future;
  2. To cultivate the habit of self-study and encourage learning from peers;
  3. To enhance students' motivation and interest in studying business.