20th Anniversary Fundraising Event

Since its establishment in 2003, Heung To Secondary School (TKO) has nurtured many outstanding students who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in various fields. These achievements are made possible by a team of dedicated teachers, parents, alumni as well as the community who have supported them over the years.


However, many of the school's facilities and teaching equipment have begun to deteriorate after 20 years, making it unable to meet the current teaching requirements. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, the school has launched the "New Heung To, New Image, New Vitality" Improvement Project. The project aims to improve the teaching and learning environment of our school and to provide more space and facilities to meet the needs of teachers and students.


The project will be implemented in three phases and will include:


Phase 1 (2022-2023): (Phase 1 has been completed) (Pictures)

1. Addition of LED electronic screen and TV at school hall

2. Rock climbing wall adventure facilities

3. Special Room Optimization Project


Phase 2 (2023-2024):    (Concept Pictures)

1. Library Renovation Project     

The renovated library not only includes a rich collection of Chinese and English books but also provides multi-functional spaces such as sharing area, multimedia interactive area, self-study area and group discussion area, aiming to provide students with a more diversified learning space to cultivate students' ability to learn independently.


2. Self-Directed Learning Center

A range of diversified learning resources are available, including a variety of books, reference materials, e-resources and learning tools. Students can choose reading materials according to their interests and needs, and conduct independent learning and research. In addition, there will be a learning discussion area for students to exchange ideas and share their learning experiences.


3. E-sports Gym

The renovated e-sports gym will combine e-sports and sports elements into one, breaking the stereotype of traditional sports and allowing students to experience the fun of sports through games.


Stage 3 (2024-2025):

1. The Maker Lab (Computer Room Enhancement Project)

The Maker Lab will provide a platform for students to practice their creativity, innovative thinking and teamwork, hoping to lay a solid foundation for students' all-round development and help them better cope with future challenges and opportunities.


2. Smart Campus Management System

The implementation of the Smart Campus Management System helps improve the quality of education, provide better services and experiences for students, teachers and parents, and promote the digital transformation of education.


3. Renovation of the School History Room

In order to better the inheritance of our school’s history and culture, a vivid and diverse interactive display environment will be created, from which teachers, students and parents can learn about the history of our school in an interactive way.


The success of this campus improvement project relies much on the support of various sectors to make it happen. Our school hopes to bring together the efforts of all parties inside and outside school to achieve the goal through fundraising activities. We hope that parents, students and alumni will actively support and work together to create a better learning environment for the students of Heung To Secondary School (TKO).


How to donate:

1. Subscription to commemorative souvenirs

Parents and students are welcome to purchase souvenirs on 21/4/2024 (Sun), School Open Day.


2. Crossed cheque

Please send a crossed cheque to our school by post, payable to "Heung To Secondary School (TKO)", and a receipt will be issued for donation of $100 or above for tax deduction.