English Radio at RTHK Common Room


Four students from S4 were selected to attend a recording session for the RTHK Radio 3 in March 2022. The topic is ‘Pros and Cons of Technology and its Impact on Education’.


The recording took place via ZOOM owing to the pandemic. Our student DJs first aired their opinions on the topic. They then exchanged ideas with the female DJ Ms Alyson Hau. Thanks to the guidance and the warm welcome of the host, our student DJs overcame their anxiety and performed naturally. The chance of meeting a professional DJ and voicing their opinions on air is scarce. It surely gives our student DJs an unforgettable experience and boosts their confidence of speaking English.


The host, Ms Alyson Hau, invited students from different schools to talk about a particular subject of interests to local students in the session called ‘Open Space’. It is highly recommended that our students can listen to more radio programmes of this kind to polish their English listening skill. Our episode was broadcasted from 9 to 10 pm on 14 April 2022.


For our school’s episode, please browse:


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