International Stream Class 1A visited Stanley for tourist interview

On 19th October, class 1A completed two tasks which included a site visit and interviews with tourists, in Stanley with the accompany of teachers. As we all know, there are many well-known tourist attractions in Stanley, such as Stanley Market, Murray House and Tin Hau Temple. These places reflect an essential characteristic of our culture --- “East meets West”.

Before the outing to Stanley, students attended some workshops for preparation. It is of importance for them to think about the content and process of the interview. Finally, they decided to invite tourists to try the cuisines such as fish ball and pineapple bun, then they can ask about the opinions and feelings of the tourists. The assistance of iPad enabled our students to finish the tasks easily. Moreover, teachers could easily get the response from students and prepare a proper follow-up. Most of our students were highly motivated to invite interviewees. It was a remarkable and educational experience for them. Here are some reflections from 1A students:

I think the Stanley outing was fun and we learned a lot of things. We learned how to communicate with tourists in English. We also made friends with them. It was fun to ask tourists questions. We interviewed five tourists, who are from the US, the UK and Australia. One of the interviewees is called Eneesha. The name is very special. I was very happy to have this outing. I look forward to our next outing.

-Elena Ng

Before the outing, we did many things, such as learning how to do interviews with tourists and drawing local food. During the outing, we visited Murray House, Stanley post office, Tin Hau Temple, Blake Pier and Stanley market. My favourite place is Murray House because I can see good views there and there are many nice shops and restaurants.                                     

- Cherry Leung

Last Friday, I went to Stanley with my classmates and teachers. We went to Stanley by coach. Before we set off, my class teacher gave each group leader an IPad. We answered some questions on the IPad! It was fun!

-Jason Yiu

In the excursion to Stanley, we learned a lot about the historical and cultural background of Stanley. Also, we learned some factors which influenced our local culture. After visiting some tourist attractions, we started interviewing foreigners. At first, we were shy. We were so scared to ask them questions. Then, we asked one tourist if she could do interview with us and she said yes. She was very willing to answer our questions. This boosted our confidence!

-Wing Tse

Last Friday, my class went to Stanley in the afternoon. Before going there, we did a lots of preparations, such as drawing local snacks in an art lesson and learning some interview skills and how to speak to tourists in English lessons. I also bought some bottles of milk tea with my group members.

-Jacky Lam

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