Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Entering 2022, the epidemic is still raging around the world. Facing the new norms in the times of epidemic, should we be pessimistic or optimistic? Should we just feel helpless or to do something for ourselves? We firmly believe that as long as parents and school work together, we can seize opportunities to create something new.

Abiding by the epidemic prevention measures, our school has gradually resumed various activities to enrich the learning experience of students, such as inviting experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to host the lectures on science and technology Innovation, organizing students to participate in the tour in Tseung Kwan O community, and participating in various STEM competitions. This year, our students are honored to represent Hong Kong in the Korea Science & Engineering Fair and win the silver medal. In May, they will also participate in the Regeneration ISEF 2022 in the United States.

In the past five years, thanks to the efforts of students, teachers and parents, the results of Secondary 6 students in the DSE and the percentage of admission to degree programmes have been steadily increasing. We could not have achieved all these without the efforts of teachers, the hard work of students and the support from parents. The support and trust of the parents have been motivating the whole school to work harder.

2022 will be a difficult year, but also a year full of opportunities. We believe that through the joint efforts of all teachers, students and parents, we can finally turn the crisis into an opportunity, and continue to reach new heights.

Tang Fei