STEM education

The STEM curriculum of our school cultivates students' scientific thinking, constructs knowledge of STEM-related subjects, cultivates creativity, and combines cross-curriculum subjects to help students think about the future and plan their lives. The course objectives are stated as follows:

School-based Forensic Science Course: Cultivate Scientific Thinking, Experience Science

The school-based Forensic Science Course is a problem-solving process of "Problem-Based Learning", which allows students to conduct investigations in simulated cases and cultivate students' scientific thinking and scientific inquiry ability. The problem-solving process of simulated cases is an example of scientific application. It covers interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Students conduct Situated learning at different levels, which helps students build knowledge and skills in STEM-related discipline.

School-based AI + Financial Quantitative Trading Course: Combining Interdisciplinary Learning to Plan Your Life

AI+ Finance course allows students to understand the actual operation of the financial market, letting students understand the interaction between business finance, economics, mathematics and information technology in interdisciplinary topics, therefore, enhancing their understanding of related industries, and helping them think about the future and plan their lives.

School-based Maker Education Course: Do What You Learn, Give Back to Society

The project design concept is derived from the award-winning STEM works of our students in recent years. We curriculize these excellent STEM works to make them a unique Maker Education Course. Some maker works (such as 3D printing works designed by students) have the opportunity to be transferred by the school's social service team to social welfare organizations, so as to let students care about the underprivileged in our society.




校本法證科學課程: 培養科學思維,體驗科學


校本AI + 金融量化交易課程: 結合跨科學習,規劃人生


校本創客教育課程: 實踐所學,回饋社會



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