S5 English Drama Show Appreciation

Our Secondary Five students joined the SCOLAR English Alliance From Page to Stage 2021: Comedy of Mistakes on 16 March 2021. It was held in the afternoon in Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre. After joining the activity for five consecutive years, our school was awarded the Sapphire Medal.

Based on a classic detective story The Speckled Band from Sherlock Holmes series, The Comedy of Mistakes exaggerates the mistakes that could go wrong on the stage, from actors wearing the wrong costumes to mixing up their lines to the Stage Manager and her crew calling wrong sound and light cues to giving the wrong props to actors. The re-running of the whole production again properly let the audience compare what went wrong in the wrong version to how it should be done right in the right version. With the pre-show education pack and the innovative way of presentation, our students learned a lot of knowledge and technical terms for their English elective writing topics. They gained hands-on experience of what a serious production is like and had the opportunity to interact with professional actors and audiences from other schools.

It was a rare occasion amidst the pandemic when many extra-curricular activities were not possible. Our students enjoyed the hilarious drama show and learned so much about drama production.


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