English Study Tour at New Zealand

During the summer holiday of 2018, some of our students joined a study tour to Auckland, New Zealand.

Both English lessons and excursion visits are scheduled in the trip. In the English lessons, students learned English through fun activities, which included creative fashion design and photo scavenger hunt. Also, our students visited many cultural and heritage museums and galleries. Students have learned a lot about Maori culture, beliefs and legends, which they could never get from books.

Apart from English lessons and eye-opening visits, staying with host families was also a very unique opportunity for the students to experience life of local people. Joining the study tour, our students gain valuable experience and immense themselves in an English speaking country. Their confidence of communicating with foreigners in English is raised. It also gives them an opportunity to solve problems by themselves and learn to be independent.

This study tour was definitely a treasurable and memorable experience for all the students.

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