Students getting award in international innovation and technology competition

6A Louie Ho Shun, 6B Wong Lo Yi and 6B Tsang Chung Ho were selected for the "Regeneration ISEF 2022" with their research work "Driver drowsiness detection system". The competition is the world's largest science event for secondary school students and it is held in different cities in the United States every year. This year, the competition is going to be held in May 2022 and it allows our students to showcase their inventions and research work with other students around the world.Their research work “Driver drowsiness detection system” also awarded with the silver prize  in the "Korea Science & Engineering Fair 2021" in January 2022.



6A雷灝淳及6B黃露怡及6B曾琮皓憑科研作品「汽車黑盒」(Driver drowsiness detection system)入選「再生元國際科學與工程大獎賽2022」(Regeneration ISEF 2022)。該項比賽是全球最大規模的中學生科學盛事,每年於美國不同的城市舉行,讓高中生參與競賽並展示其發明與研究,本校學生將於2022年5月進行全球競賽。該項科研作品同時於2022年1月的「韓國科學及工程大賽2021」(Korea Science & Engineering Fair 2021)獲得銀獎。